Sunshine Chinchillas


Black velvet male chinchilla

  Sunshine Chinchillas is a small hobby breeder located in Central Florida.

We are proud members of both the Empress Chinchillas Breeders Cooperative or ECBC and Mutation Chinchilla Breeders Association or MCBA.

    We breed and show our chinchillas to produce healthy friendly pet quality and show chinchillas which consists of mainly standards and beige.

From time to time we will have other colors available such as sapphire, violet, ebony,  black and brown velvet. 

We also custom make quality chinchilla, guinea pig and other small animal pet products. 

Sunshine Chinchillas will be relocating to the Southern Michigan area in 2017.

Our herd will be traveling with us to Michigan.  This will allow us to attend more shows with our animals.

We will remain Sunshine Chinchillas.