Sunshine Chinchillas


Chinchilla Organizations 

MCBA, Inc. is an international organization of chinchilla breeders spread throughout the world to provide education on the humane care of chinchillas, chinchilla genetics and breeding of healthy, quality animals.
Established in 1945, Empress Chinchilla helps educate chinchilla owners in all walks of life. 

Chinchilla Groups

A Facebook group run by fellow breeders below and ourselves. Here you can join, ask any question you have and receive advice from several reputable breeders with decades of experience. 

A Facebook group run by ourselves and fellow breeders below. Here you can join, ask questions, inquire for supplies, search for nearby breeders and sell any supplies you may have.

Chinchilla Breeders

Kristy is a rancher and the owner of the Hummel herd located in Northern Illinois. She specializes in standards, black velvets, beiges, whites, angoras, curlies/lockens and many more. Kristy's stunning animals have been the back bone of several of our standard and mutation lines for several years now.

Tabitha is a rancher located in Washington state northeast of Seattle. She specializes in quality standards, black velvets, violets, Lowe's recessive whites, angoras, curlies/lockens and many more. Our own LRW lines come directly from Tabitha's exceptional Lowe animals. RDZC Ranch also typically provides shipping. 

Brenda is a breeder located in the West Wisconsin area specializing in quality standard, violet, beige, and ebony chinchillas. Our award winning violets trace directly back to her lines.

Located in Wisconsin, Wendy specializes mainly in high quality ebony and black velvet animals. Our ebony and sapphire lines all trace back to her breeding stock. 

Steve and Merrie are located in East Tennessee. They specialize is high quality standards, black velvets, whites, angoras, and black pearls. Their outstanding lines also have a place in our herd as well. 

Sumiko is a breeder located in Manteca, CA. She specializes in high quality standard, mosaic, beige, pink white and Lowe's recessive white chinchillas. Our own Lowe animals have lineage tracing back to Sumiko's lines.

Our fellow Floridian, Lyn, is located in Central Florida near Downtown Orlando. Lyn specializes specifically in extremely curly Locken chinchillas, she has been breeding the mutation for almost a decade now. She often has various colors of Locken and Royal Persian Angoras available. 

Another Floridian breeder, Billy, is located in Central Florida near St. Cloud. He specializes in Royal Persian angora chinchillas. Billy has several of our own lines in his breeding program and has contributed a few animals to ours as well. 

Located in Virginia Beach, VA. Taylor specializes in high quality standard, beige, pink white and Locken animals. 

Cameron is located in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, U.K and specializes in award winning sullivan violets, ultra violets and beige violets/pearls. His violets have been seen by thousands as they have went internet viral several times in the past few years on websites such as Buzzfeed. 

Ron and Ryan are chinchilla breeders located in Louisville, OH. They specialize in many different mutations, these include: mosaics, pink whites, beiges, TOVs, ebonies, tans, sapphires, violets, blue diamonds, black pearls, Goldbars, and angoras.

Located in Ohio they have been chinchilla ranchers for over 40 years. They are a wealth of information and knowledge, we have several of their lines in breeding. 

Jordan is a breeder located in Ontario, Canada. He specializes in mainly in recessive mutations such as sapphire, violet, blue diamond and angora. Manalo Chinchillas also typically provides shipping. 

Dee is located in rural Western New York. She specializes in quality standards, ebonies and violets.