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Chinchilla Organizations 

Chinchilla Groups

A Facebook group run by fellow breeders below and ourselves. Here you can join, ask any question you have and receive advice from several reputable breeders with decades of experience. 

A Facebook group run by ourselves and fellow breeders below. Here you can join, ask questions, inquire for supplies or animals, and sell any supplies or animals you may have.

Chinchilla Breeders

Our fellow Floridian, Billy, is located on the west coast in Spring Hill, FL. He specializes in pure standards, black velvets, and mosaics. 

Located in Virginia Beach, VA. Taylor specializes in high quality standard, beige and pink white animals. 

Located in Wisconsin, Wendy specializes mainly in high quality ebony animals. Our ebony lines all trace back to her breeding stock. 

Brenda is a breeder located in the WI area specializing in standard, violet, beige, and ebony.

Located in Ohio they have been breeding chinchillas for over 40 years. Wealth of information and knowledge, we have several of their lines in breeding. 

Kristy is a rancher located in Illinois. She specializes in standards, black velvets, beige, whites, angoras, lockens and many more. 

Tabitha is a rancher located in Washington state. She specializes in standards, black velvets, violets, Lowe's recessive whites, angoras, lockens and many more.

Jordan is a breeder located in Ontario, Canada. He specializes in recessive mutations such as sapphire, violet, blue diamond and angora. 

Dee is a chinchilla breeder who is in New York. She specializes in standards, ebonies and violets.