Sunshine Chinchillas


Standard Gray : is a bluish grey on their head, neck, shoulders and back, lighter along the sides hip and tail, they will have a white belly. They may or may not have an agouti pattern. 

Beige: is often described as champagne in color.  Slight variations of the shade exist. All should have a clear white belly . 

Homo Beige (or  Homozygous Beige):  Light in color, more pronounced pink ears and red eyes. 

Ebony: is an overall black or grey. The color ranges from a charcoal shade to a true black, it rarely has the intensity of a black velvet black.

Tov Ebony : this is a mix of the Black velvet and the ebony. It has the appearance of black velvet but with a grey or black belly, instead of a white belly.

Black Velvet: has a black head, neck, shoulders and back that spreads down the side and gets lighter before it meets a white belly.   

Whites; are white with markings the pattern of markings will vary from animal to animal. The color of the pattern will depend on the type of white. 

Mosaic; this is a white with grey markings. these chinchillas will have black eyes.

White Ebony: this chinchilla is similar to the mosaic but with the ebony gene.   

Pink White: is white with beige markings this chinchilla will have red eyes. This chinchilla is sometimes mistaken for a albino.

Tan White: is a pink white with the ebony gene. the markings may be from a light beige to dark tan in color.

Sapphires; are a gunmetal blue/grey with a white belly. They are a recessive color so both parents must carry the gene.

Sapphire Wrap; is a sapphire with the ebony gene. instead of a white belly the color will wrap all the way around the body.

Tov Sapphire: also known as a Sapphire Royal this is a sapphire with the black velvet gene. It has a darker sapphire veiling that spreads down the head, neck, shoulders and back. The sides are lighter sapphire and the belly is white.

Violets: are grey with a violet hue. They have white bellies and like sapphires are a recessive color.       

Violet Wrap: has the ebony gene. The violet color wraps all the way around chinchilla. This chinchilla will not have a white belly.

Tov Violet: is Royal. This is a violet with the black velvet gene. there is a darker veiling on the back of the chinchilla with lighter violet sides and a white belly.

Brown Velvet: is a cross between beige and black velvet. it has dark veiling across the head, neck, shoulders and back. The sides of this chinchilla are beige and the belly is white. This chinchilla will have red eyes. 

Tan ; is a beige with the with the ebony gene. they can range from a very light beige to a dark tan wrapping around the whole body. This chinchilla will not have a white belly and will have red eyes.  

Newer Mutations Include:

Goldbar / Champagne


Locken / Curly

*Thanks go out to Kristy of ABC Chinchilla's for use of her color chart information.*