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Sales Policy

Below is our terms and conditions for each sale we conduct. These are set forth to protect both the purchaser and ourselves for each transaction. 

Please thoroughly read through our policy and this website before purchasing or adopting. Young chinchillas will come with a sample of the food they are on and an information care packet. Please read the packet thoroughly for information regarding bringing home your new chinchilla. 

Feel free to contact us via email, Facebook or Instagram for any inquiries or questions regarding our sales policy.

Cash only 

I do not accept checks or money orders for any reason. This is to protect both ourselves and the buyer from any issues regarding checks and money orders. On the day of adoption, the balance for the animal and/or supplies must be paid in full in cash. 

Non-Refundable Deposits  

A non-refundable fee of $25 is required to hold an animal, this can be payed via PayPal only. We do not accept full payment through PayPal as this would require the purchaser to pay an extra fee to PayPal. Therefore, we absorb the fee for the deposit and ask the rest be paid in cash upon adoption day. 

Same Day or Next Day Pick-Up Will Require A Deposit

If you contact us and would like to adopt an animal the same day or the next day after inquiring, we require a non-refundable deposit of half the adoption price. This deposit is non-refundable no matter the situation; if you decide upon our meet-up that you are no longer interested in the animal, this fee will not be reimbursed. This prevents "window shopping" and/or impulsive adoptions which spares our animals from unnecessary stress. 

We Are a Private Facility

Due to our business being very small scale, we are a home-based facility. We have the right to not allow anyone into our home for any reason at anytime. We typically will choose a meet-up location and will send the address when we have confirmed the appointment with you. This ensures our customers and our safety by choosing a public location to meet. 

We Do Not Allow Tours of Our Facility

Once again, we are very small scale and are not a pet store. We do not have business hours and our home is not open to the public. We do not provide tours of our home or animals as this puts our chinchillas health at risk due to transmittable diseases, stress, and possible mishandling. 

We Do Not Allow "Meeting" the Chinchilla Without Adopting

Most chinchillas have similar personalities, they are not like dogs or cats where they have vastly different temperaments. Coming to "meet" the animal before adopting will not show whether or not they will bond with you. If you schedule a meet-up with us, you must purchase the animal the same day. This reduces the stress on the animal and prevents over-stimulation from meeting too many different people. 

We Do Not Allow Another Animal to "Meet" Our Animals Before Adopting

If you have an established chinchilla already, bringing them to meet the animal you are adopting will not be a good indication if they will get along. The stress of travel, new smells, and new environments will be too distracting for the animals to truly show whether they will be friendly to each other. The best method to introduce animals is the side-by-side or cage-within-a cage method, found here. We also do not allow meetings of different animal species or encourage housing chinchillas in the same cage with a different species of animal. 

We Do Not Buy Back Chinchillas

I do not buy back chinchillas that have been purchased from Sunshine Chinchillas or any animal for that matter. I will, however, take back any chinchillas that I have sold under my ranch name. 

Refusal of Sale

I have the right to refuse a sale to any person(s) whom I feel cannot take care of the animal(s) they are interested in. 

Must be 18 or Older to Purchase

I do not sell to anyone under the age of 18 without a parents consent. 

Shipping Not Available

I do not ship chinchillas at this time. However, we do have supplies available for purchase that can be shipped.

Meeting Long Distances

We do ask for a fee $45 per hour of driving to meet. Non-refundable deposit of $25 is required before traveling. Upon meeting, the remainder of the balance for any animal(s), delivery fees and/or supplies is due in cash only.

Young Chinchillas

Chinchilla kits will only be eligible to go home once they are at least 9 weeks or older and over 200 grams. No exceptions.

No Veterinary Health Guarantee

We do not offer a veterinary health certificate guarantee with our animals. This is due to chinchillas not needing routine teeth filings, check-ups, vaccinations, neuters/spays, or any other non-emergency related veterinary care. We do not breed animals with genetic defects or illnesses; we also will not sell an animal that shows signs of any illness. 

Fungus/Ringworm Policy

We do not offer refunds or replacements for animals that develop fungus/ringworm as it does not cause injury or illness. This ailment has the ability to crop up in any animal, either purchased/adopted from us or not, due to weather, warmth and humidity. There is no way to confirm whether it started in our facility or in the home of the adopter. This is not lethal or cause for a veterinary check-up and can be treated at home with Lotrimin foot powder.

No Refunds; Replacements Only

If an animal passes away within two weeks of the adoption day, a necropsy is required to determine cause of death. Any replacements will be based on a vet's examination that the chinchilla was sick prior to being purchased. Any and/or all veterinarian costs are the responsibility of the purchaser(s). Sunshine chinchillas is not responsible for veterinarian costs once the animal leaves their care. Proof of vet visit will be required to be submitted to Sunshine Chinchillas. 

Replacement Policy 

This does not cover accidents, acts of God, negligence or neglect by the pet owner. Disregarding information in our care packet, accidental injuries, death from natural causes, poor care or neglect will not warrant a replacement animal to be provided. If a necropsy reveals any of these to be the cause of death, replacement policy is null and void. Animals that pass away due to stomach impaction from improper materials in their cage, overexertion and/or overheating from playtime, too large of a cage for a very small kit, dangerous cage accessories, and any other causes that directly breach our policies are immediately disqualified from being eligible for replacement. 

Animals Bred by Sunshine Chinchillas

Will be guaranteed only for the first 5 days post-purchase against communicable diseases. No genetic guarantee is available. Rescue animals have no health guarantee. 

Rescue Animal Information
  • More often than not, I will not know adequate background information to determine an exact age or birthday of the animal.
  • Most often we do not know the animals full background or history.
  • We usually have no prior health background on the animal, therefore there is no health guarantee. Therefore, there is no guarantee that any rescue animal does not carry something that could affect any other chinchillas you may own.
  • We will not sell any animal that shows obvious signs of illness for any reason.
  • I CANNOT guarantee the adopted animal does not bite, these are prey animals that can react if mishandled.
  • We do ask for an adoption fee as this helps take care of other rescue animals we receive. 
  • I do not buy back any chinchilla(s) that has been adopted from Sunshine Chinchillas. If you need to surrender your chinchilla you adopted, please visit our surrender page.
  • No rescue animal should ever be used for breeding purposes; we will refuse an adoption of an animal to a home with a chinchilla of the opposite sex.
  • We always quarantine and DO NOT allow owner surrenders or rescues in the same room as our herd, no exceptions. We highly encourage new owners to quarantine any new chinchilla from any established chinchilla(s) for at least 30 days.
  • We accept non-refundable $25 deposits to hold an animal and the remainder must be paid in cash. Please see above policies regarding payment process.
  • The same sales policies above regarding animals bred here will also apply to our rescue animals as well. 

If you are interested in adopting a rescue, please email me. I do ask for some information to make sure that the animal will be going into the proper home.

By purchasing and/or adopting a chinchilla(s) from Sunshine Chinchillas you are acknowledging and accepting these terms of sale

*Upon receipt of your chinchilla you will be asked to print, sign and date a copy of the sales policy for our records*

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have! 

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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