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White Chinchilla
Adoption Questionnaire

If you would like to adopt an animal from Sunshine Chinchillas, we do require each adopter to fill out the following questionnaire to send back to us:

What are you interested in?
Preferred Sex? Gender does not have any relation to personality.
Interested in rescuing?
Do you understand that adopting a kit (baby) versus an adult does not guarantee the chinchilla will bond with you? Bonding with your pet requires patience and time regardless of the age of the chin.
Do you understand that chinchillas are a prey animal? This means they are not cuddly, can be flighty, and some do not want to be touched. Prey animals have a natural fight or flight response to stress, this is what makes them different from dogs/cats/ferrets.
Are you 18 or older?
If you are under 18 years of age, you MUST have a parent contact us to give prior consent before we proceed with the adoption. A parent/guardian must also attend the adoption appointment and sign a copy of our Sales Policy.
Are you adopting for a child under the age of 13?
Have you adopted from Sunshine Chinchillas previously?
Do you currently have a chinchilla(s)?
Are you looking for a chinchilla to bond with your current chinchilla(s)?
Do you understand that chinchillas do not need an opposite sex cage mate and do fine in same-sex pairs/groups?
If you are adopting for the purpose of bonding to another chinchilla, you must verify the sex of your current chinchilla(s).
Are you looking to breed? If you want to purchase breeding animals from Sunshine Chinchillas we require you to attend and show an animal in at least one chinchilla show, have a reputable breeding mentor, purchase show quality/pedigreed animals, and be a registered member of MCBA and ECBC.
We DO NOT condone backyard breeding of any kind. This is the breeding of animals that do not have pedigrees, are not show quality, and are not from a reputable breeder. Rescue animals adopted from us are to NEVER be bred, no exceptions. If you breed animals adopted from us without prior indication and guidance from us, you will not be able to adopt from us again.
You will need to bring a transport carrier to the adoption appointment to bring home your chinchilla.
Do you understand that we are in Central FL and do not offer shipping, delivery, or long distance meetups? We also do not recommend animal transport services or flying with chinchillas.
Do you understand that deposits are non-refundable?
If for any reason you decide not to adopt, fail to respond to our contact attempts, do not arrive to an adoption appointment, reschedule multiple times, cancel with no notice/extreme short notice, or fail to have a parent or guardian contact us if you are under 18, this may forfeit your deposit and you will no longer be able to adopt the animal(s).
Do you understand that deposits must be paid within 24hrs of the invoice being sent to place an animal on hold?
Upon adoption, all animals come with an information care packet and a copy of the sales policy. We do offer both English and Spanish versions, please indicate below which you would prefer.
Have you reviewed our Sales Policy? If you haven't, please do so.
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