Sunshine Chinchillas


Price List

This is a general guide of the prices for the various colors. Pet quality is going to be more affordable verses show quality. At this time, we do not offer any pet quality chinchillas. Please consider, we may not be breeding or have all of these colors available at one time. This is just a general guide of what you should expect when pricing out what mutation you are looking to purchase. 

Prices for animals are non-negotiablePrices are based on show placings, availability, age and color. 

If you are looking for a more affordable animal please consider a rescue. Rescues need homes too and can make excellent pets.

These prices do not reflect the cost of a cage or supplies. This is the cost of the animal only. Cages, food, hay, supplies, toys and dust would all be additional costs associated with owning a chinchilla. 

Please review our sales policy before purchasing or adopting.

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Price Range
Standard Grey (Non-carrier, VC, SC, LRWc, BPc)
Black Velvet, Brown Velvet
Mosaic, TOV Mosaic, White Ebony
$500-$650 (depending on markings)
Pink White, TOV Pink White, Tan White
$550-$675 (depending on markings)
Hetero Beige, Homo Beige, Homo Tan
Ebony (light, medium, dark, extra dark)
$225-$450 (depending on darkness of color)
Tan (light, medium, dark, extra dark)
$300-$400 (depeding on darkness of color)
Violet, TOV Violet
Sapphire, TOV Sapphire
White Violet, White Sapphire
$600-$650 (depending on markings)
Violet Wrap, Sapphire Wrap (light, medium, dark, extra dark)
$450-$650 (depending on darkness of color)
Blue Diamond, TOV Blue Diamond
White Diamond
Blue Diamond Wrap (light, medium, dark, extra dark)
$1000-$2000 (depending on shade)
Lowe Recessive White (Goldbar)
Black Pearl
Royal Persian Angora
$1500-$5000 (Depending on color/fur length)
Locken (Curly)
$800-$3000 (Depending on color/curl pattern)