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Price List 

This is a general guide of the prices for the various colors, this is based on many factors and can change year by year. 


Please note, we do not breed for or offer all of these mutations; this is a general list of prices to expect when looking to purchase an animal from a reputable breeder. 

Our Pricing:


  • Prices for our animals are non - negotiable. Prices are based on show placings, availability, age and color. 
  • Pricings can change year by year, or stay the same.  
  • We do not do trades, nor do we offer discounts; breeding and rescuing is hard work, thus our prices reflect our time and dedication.
  • Our breeding animals come from show quality, exceptional lines. We do not breed for or produce "cheaper" pet quality animals. 


If you are wanting something more affordable, please consider adopting a rescue. These animals need homes too and can make excellent pets. 

Expected Litters:

  • We cannot predict when a certain color/gender will be born. Genetics, other factors, and luck determine what colors/sexes will be born. 

  • We do not breed for every mutation under the sun; if you're looking for something we don't have, we can offer something similar or direct you to another breeder.

  • We do not know when kits will be born. The chinchillas decide when to mate and have kits, we do not. 

  • We do not take pregnant mothers in for ultra-sounds like dogs/cats, thus we do not know litter size either. 

  • We breed on a very small scale these days, we tend to focus more on rescuing as there are many chinchillas being surrendered and needing homes.

These prices do not reflect the cost of a cage or supplies. This is the cost of the animal only. Cages, food, hay, supplies, toys and dust would all be additional costs associated with owning a chinchilla. 


Please review our sales policy before purchasing or adopting.

Find our available animals below:

Chinchillas For Sale

Rescues for Adoption


Standard Grey


Beige (hetero/homo)


Black/Brown Velvet


Mosaic, TOV Mosaic, White Ebony


Pink White, TOV PW, Tan White


Lowe Recessive White


Black Pearl


Ebony (light, med, dark, extra dark)


Tan (light, med, dark, extra dark, homo)


Violet, TOV Violet


Sapphire, TOV Sapphire


White Violet, White Sapphire


Violet/Sapphire Wrap (light, med, dark, extra dark


Blue Diamond


White Diamond


Blue Diamond Wrap (light, med, dark, extra dark




Royal Persian Angora


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