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Adopting or Surrendering a Chinchilla

On occasion I do take in surrenders. This will be done on a case by case basis. Here a few things to keep in mind if you would like to surrender your chinchilla:

-I do not pay for / buy / purchase surrenders under any circumstances.

-Chinchilla(s) needs to be surrendered with any cage and or supplies. This is to keep the chin in the environment it is used to.

-Once you have surrendered your chinchilla(s) to Sunshine Chinchillas they and their supplies become the belongings of Sunshine Chinchillas. More often than not the chinchilla will be adopted back out with their setup. If the cage is in poor condition or filthy (dirty enough that a power washer can't clean it) it will be disposed of and the chin will be adopted out with no cage.

-I now require that all chinchillas coming in with a cage setup will need the cage/supplies to be washed with soap, water and bleached prior to the chinchilla being surrendered. I will not accept a cage that is unsafe or unsanitary. I reserve the right to refuse a cage upon inspection. It will be up to the owner surrendering the chinchilla to dispose of the cage. This is to protect the health of any other rescues that may be in my care.

-All cages will need to be taken apart / broken down. Your chinchilla will be housed in a cage provided by Sunshine Chinchillas until their adoption. Their cage, supplies will be stored and sent home with the adoptive family.

-I take my time in finding homes but will put the chin up on the appropriate websites the same week to ensure they get a high chance of adoption.
-I do not buy back chinchilla(s) that have been adopted from Sunshine Chinchillas. If you cannot keep the rescues that you adopted from Sunshine Chinchillas  you may contact me to see if I have room to take them in.
-I am a private home and do not allow "tours" of the chinchilla room.                                                                                                                             

If you would like to surrender your chinchilla(s) please contact me with a brief history of the chin (age,color, breeder/petstore, health issues if any) and when you are looking to surrender.

Due to the huge influx of people contacting me to take in their chinchilla(s) I will now be asking for a surrender fee of $30 per chinchilla. This is non negotiable fee. This helps us to take care of each and every surrender we take in, while allowing us to continue running our rescue.

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If you need to surrender an animal or inquire about the surrender process, feel free to contact us via email, Facebook, or Instagram!



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