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Adopting or Surrendering a Chinchilla

Prior to surrendering, you are welcome to print out this surrender form, print, sign and then date it to bring to the appointment. If you are not able to, we will have a copy available for you to print, sign and date during the surrender process.

On occasion we do take in surrenders on a case by case basis. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you would like to surrender your chinchilla:

  • We do not have a business phone number for conducting calls. 
  • We do not purchase, buy, or pay for an animal to come into our rescue. 
  • We are a private home-based facility and do not allow "tours" of the chinchilla room. 
  • We are a NO KILL facility, every animal is found a home or stays with us indefinitely. 
  • Sunshine Chinchillas NEVER advertises on websites such as Craigslist, Hoobly, Facebook Marketplace or Instagram. 
  • Animals surrendered to us are NEVER used for breeding purposes, no exceptions.
  • Sunshine Chinchillas will not travel to pick-up animals, it is the responsibility of the owner/inquirer to set an appointment and bring the animals to surrender. 
  • Chinchilla(s) needs to be surrendered with any cage and or supplies. This is to reduce stress on the chinchilla by keeping them in an environment they are used to. 
  • Once you have surrendered your chinchilla(s) to Sunshine Chinchillas they and their supplies become the belongings of Sunshine Chinchillas. More often than not the chinchilla will be adopted back out with their setup. If the cage is in poor condition or filthy (dirty enough that a power washer can't clean it) it will be disposed of and the chin will be adopted out with no cage or a different cage setup.
  • AS OF 2018: Sunshine Chinchillas will require that all chinchillas coming in with a cage setup will need the cage/supplies to be washed with soap, water and bleached prior to the chinchilla being surrendered. I will not accept a cage that is unsafe or unsanitary. I reserve the right to refuse a cage upon inspection. It will be up to the owner surrendering the chinchilla to dispose of the cage if it is not up to cleanliness standards. This is to protect the health of any other rescues that may be in our care.
  • All cages will need to be taken apart / broken down for transportation. 
  • We take our time in finding homes but will put the chin up on the appropriate websites the same week to ensure they get a high chance of adoption. 
  • I do not buy back chinchilla(s) that have been adopted from Sunshine Chinchillas. If you cannot keep the rescues that you adopted from Sunshine Chinchillas you may contact me to see if I have room to take them in.

Surrender Fee of $30 per Chinchilla: Due to the large influx of people contacting us to take in their chinchilla(s), we now ask for a surrender fee of $30 per chinchilla. This helps us to take care of each and every surrender we take in, while also allowing us to continue running our rescue. 

If you would like to surrender your chinchilla(s) please contact me with a brief history of the chin (age, color, breeder/petstore, health issues if any) and when you are looking to surrender.

Mission Statement

We at Sunshine Chinchillas try our best to take in any and all chinchillas that are in need of homes. That said, we do take our time in finding each animal the best home possible for their individual needs. We take into consideration personalities, temperaments, needs, and care when looking for potential adopters. If at any time we feel an individual is not fit to adopt a rescue animal in our care, we reserve the right to refuse an adoption. 

Each chinchilla we take in deserves to find the best home that we are able to find for them. Thus, we take great pride in matching our rescues with their perfect future adopters. This process does take time and we will hold onto an animal for however long that process may take. While housed with us, our rescues are treated just like our personal herd of chins. They too get the highest quality pellets, timothy hay, fresh water, apple wood chew sticks, toys, and a fresh clean environment. If you would like to see a photo of some of our cage setups, check out our chin room here.

Every chinchilla surrendered stays in our care for a minimum of 30 days so that we can learn about their personality and ensure they are healthy enough for adoption. Any animal discovered to have health problems while in our care will not be adopted out. 

If you have any questions regarding our surrender or adoption processes, please feel free to send us a message. 

Why Do We Have a Surrender Fee?

Unfortunately, with the high volume of surrender emails we get on a daily basis we do have to set a fee in place to help with the care of these animals. 

At no point would we consider taking on an animal if we did not have the means to care for them. Thus, the surrender fee ensures their initial cost of care is covered. The fee guarantees that a spot will be opened up for them to arrive into our care so that we may start the process of finding them their forever home. This fee can help to cover food, water, supplies, and the cost of travel if we are meeting to pick up the animal. This also helps keep our rescue operating so that we can continue taking in any chins in need.

Another reason we do ask for a fee is to discourage those who may adopt a chinchilla on a whim and then decide to rehome them soon after. This fee helps any owner who is considering surrender as option to stop and consider if it is right for them before making this serious decision. 

If you are considering surrender, take your time and weigh your options. If you feel you do need to find your chinchilla another home and would like to contact us, please feel free.

Contact Us

If you need to surrender an animal or inquire about the surrender process, feel free to contact us via email, Facebook, or Instagram!



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