Sunshine Chinchillas


Basic chinchilla care information.

  • Chinchillas have a life span of up to 20 years. 
  • Chinchillas take a dust bath, not a water bath. Chinchilla fur can get a "greasy" look if not given a dust bath on a regular basis and is not healthy for the chin.\

  • Chinchilla teeth never stop growing. They need  wooden toys / shelves or pumice stones to help wear them down.
  • Chinchillas cannot get hot, they need to be kept indoors with a temperature no higher than 75 degrees. 





Manna Pro Sho

Avoid treat based foods such as Kaytee or Sunshine.



Orchard Grass


Alfalfa in small amounts

Chinchillas need wooden shelves verse plastic. Plastic can be ingested and cause problems.

An alternative to pine shavings at the bottom of their cage is fleece. Many people use fleece and love it.  Easier to clean , just shake outside , wash and replace.  We sell custom fleece items in our supply store.  You chinchilla will thank you for the various toys you supply him/her. A great way to keep them entertained.