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Standard Grey Chinchilla
Surrender Form

If you would like to surrender a chinchilla(s), please fill out the form below and hit submit. We require all inquiries to fill this out.

Are you looking to surrender your chinchilla(s)?
Are you 18 or older?
If you are under 18 years of age, you MUST have a parent contact us to give prior consent before we proceed with the surrender. A parent/guardian must also attend the surrender appointment.
Did your chinchilla(s) come from Sunshine Chinchillas?
If you are surrendering the chinchilla(s) with a cage, do you understand the cage must be taken apart? If you have a wooden cage or one that cannot be taken apart, please keep this cage and we will use one of our own.
Have you reveiwed the money/time saving tips page on our website? This has tips for saving money on supplies and recommendations if you don't have a lot of time to care for your chinchilla(s)
If your chinchilla is having a medical emergency or shows signs of malocclusion, please contact a veterinarian immediately.
Do you understand that there is a surrender fee of $40 per chinchilla? This is considered a required donation to help keep our rescue going.
Do you understand that the surrender fee must be paid within 24hrs of the inquiry to secure a spot in or rescue?
Do you understand that the surrender fee is non-negotiable and non-refundable?
Do you understand that the animal(s) must be surrendered within two weeks of the fee being paid? Failure to communicate, missed appointments, or deciding not to surrender after paying the fee will result in forfeit of surrender deposit.
Do you understand that any chinchilla(s) must be surrendered in a secure travel carrier, small cage, or closeable box with proper airflow?
Do you understand that we are in Central FL and do not offer pick-ups, or long distance meetups? It is the responsibilty of the owner to bring the animal(s) to our public meetup location at the time of the surrender appointment.
Do you understand that once an animal is surrendered to Sunshine Chinchillas, this animal and it's supplies becomes the property of Sunshine Chinchillas? Once the animal is in our care, we do not adopt the same animal back out to the owner who surrendered said animal if they change their mind after surrendering. Owners surrender all rights to the chinchilla(s) once the animals are in our facility
Have you reviewed our surrender page? If you haven't, please do so.
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