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Rescues Up for Adoption

Before going further, PLEASE READ:

We are located in Central Florida, we do not offer shipping nor do we meet long distances. It is the responsibility of the adopter to make the drive to us to take their chinchilla(s) home.

Every interested adopter MUST fill out the adoption questionnaire, found here on our website: Adoption Questionnaire


If you need information about supplies, this can be found on our website here: Bringing Home Your New Chinchilla and Unsafe Products


Please review our sales policy and adoption process, found on our website here: Sales Policy and Adoption Process

Please Note:

  • Chinchilllas ARE NOT cuddly, please consider this prior to adopting.

  • Some chinchillas are more friendly than others, but there is no guarantee they will bond with their owners. 

  • We have limited history on rescue chinchillas. Unless otherwise stated, we do not know their lineage, health concerns, exact age, or where they came from.

  • Some rescues have been through several homes already, they may need time to adjust to their new environment. Please give them up to a few months to settle in and get used to everything new. 

  • Please remember, even if chinchillas seem to be cuddly/playful on social media accounts, this is the exception NOT the norm for these animals. 

  • These are prey animals with instincts to run away, bite, or spray urine if they feel threatened, they are not like cats/dogs/ferrets.

  • Chinchillas under 6 months are still babies, they must be treated with great care. They are not easier to care for than an adult chinchilla. They cannot have large cages, treats, playtime, or excessive handling (no exceptions). 

  • We do not have a waitlist or offer this, all animals are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

  • Chinchillas sold on this page are NOT pedigreed and should NEVER be used for breeding. 

  • Under no circumstances does Sunshine Chinchillas ever condone backyard breeding or selling ill or injured animals.

  • To place an animal on hold, a non-refundable deposit of $50 is required. Please refer to our Sales Policy for more information about deposits.

If interested in a particular chinchilla or you do not see what you're looking for, please fill out our adoption questionnaire. Available cage setups are typically a mixture of used and new supplies and will have a used cage included, we do not have cages for sale very often. If we do have a cage available its often the cage the animal was surrendered with. 

Last Updated 5/12/2024 (We often update on the weekends)

ON HOLD = Animal has a deposit placed and is not available for purchase.

PENDING = Animal has an adoption appointment set but does not have a deposit yet, if the appointment falls through the animal will be available again.

Available Rescue Chinchillas

No rescue chinchillas available at this time, check back soon!

Thumper is a standard grey male rescue chinchilla who is about 2 years old. His personality is sweet and calm, however take in mind a chinchilla's personality can change depending on their environment and surroundings. Not all chinchillas enjoy being held, they are not cuddly. 


His adoption fee is $75, a $25 non-refundable fee is required to start the adoption process. This fee goes towards the total adoption price with the remainder due on adoption day. 


If you would like to give Thumper a home, send us a message! 

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