Sunshine Chinchillas


I use a couple of combinations of different types of cages for the chinchillas. Each has it's own style and purpose for me using it. I do have smaller baby safe cages that I use to keep kits safe while they are tiny. It is dangerous to house a mother and kits in a large tall cage. Kits can easily climb cage bars, resulting in falls from high heights.  

Once kits are weaned, they get pampered in pet cages while growing up to prepare for show. An example of my cage setup can be see below. I custom make fleece liners, hammocks, hanging toys and hidey houses for all of our chins. All of the custom items that I make can be purchased from me as well if requested. 

*Please note*
I do not allow tours or visitors into my chinchilla room. This is for the health and benefit of my herd. Thank you for your understanding.