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TOV Sapphire Chinchilla

Our Chinchilla Journey

The first time I owned chinchillas was in 1993 after finding an ebony pair in the newspaper. Back then there was not a lot of information regarding their care; they were originally eating guinea pig food and were in a very unsafe cage. It wasn't until the internet became more prevalent much later that I was able to learn more about them and their care.

However, fast forward about ten years after owning these guys, I found another pair of chinchillas to adopt. A sweet little mosaic female, Snowball, and her dark ebony sister, Shadow, were all it took for us to fall back in love with chinchillas. We quickly had three more within the year; a father and son grey pair, Mike and Sulley, and a cute single grey female, Boo. This led us to rescuing chinchillas in need, taking them in, and finding them wonderful homes.

We were primarily a rescue for several years until 2009 when we purchased our first show quality animals from Shoots Chinchilla Ranch. We fell in love with blocky, gorgeous standards and were able to attend the 2009 ECBC Nationals in St. Louis, MO, where we purchased more stock from other quality breeders. The following year, we attended the 2010 MCBA SEC show in Orlando, FL, where we took Reserve Female of Show with a Shoots standard grey. After these shows, we took a brief hiatus from breeding due to school, life, and moving. During this time, we were only rescuing and finding homes for animals in need.

In 2013, we were ready to jump back in to breeding and showing. We purchased quality stock once again and attended several shows. We originally started out with mainly standards and beige and have now expanded to more mutations. Our goal is to produce the best quality standards and mutations that place well on the show table. As of now, we have built up our lines with wonderful stock mainly from ABC Chinchillas, WK's Designer Chins, B & B Chinchillas, RDZC Ranch and Shoots Chinchillas. We hope to continue to improve and create exceptional quality animals.

Lowe Recessive White (Goldbar) Chinchilla
Tan Chinchilla
Standard Grey Chinchilla
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