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Welcome to our Happy Homes page!

On this page we will share some of our adoption success stories. Thank you so much to our wonderful adopters for participating and being such loving homes for these little creatures!

If you would like to be featured, send us a message!

~ Luna ~

"I lost my beloved Roxy on January 24, 2020. I never thought I would get another Chinchilla because she was my everything....

A week later when I went to my Exotic Vets Office and my Vet told me that I had a gift with Chinchilla's, she really made me open my eyes and realize I'm meant to have another one when the time was right. Friends and family agreed.

About a month later I was referred to Sunshine Chinchillas and was wanting a Female Black Velvet this time as my last was a Standard Gray.

Initially they weren't going to have any available until late summer. But as the Pandemic came in place Jennifer reached out to me (we stayed in contact throughout the months) and said to me I was going to keep our female Black Velvet Kit for our program (She was born the day after Roxy passed mind you!) But she felt she was the right fit for me and said she was thinking of me. And she was right! It was literally meant to be. I feel there was a reason this happened and Roxy was sending her to me. And being born the day after Roxy passed, I was mind blown.

I have stayed in touch with Sunshine Chinchillas giving them updates on my Luna. I take her to my exotic vet once yearly. She is 2.5 years old now. She is such a beautiful sassy diva, but so lovey and friendly and I couldn't ask for anything more.

I will always get my chins from them. Their knowledge, kindness, communication and support is incredible. I highly recommend them and am so grateful!

Thank you guys so much!"

-Kristina P. and Luna

~ Ron ~

"We had an amazing experience adopting from Sunshine Chinchillas. They are friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Ron was adopted 2 years ago and has become my daughter's best friend. He perks up when we call his name and runs to be let out when we walk into the room."

- Jenn C.

~ Patches ~

"I adopted patches October 29, 2023 and it was truly meant to be! In just 2 weeks, he has become the sweetest boy and perks up when I pass by his cage and hold him. He just recently got a cage upgrade and we are both so happy! When I got back home with him, I was reading the care packet and found out we are birthday twins so it was destined to be! Thank you so much for this opportunity to adopt the sweetest boy! I am forever grateful for Sunshine Chinchillas and Patches!"


- Jillian K.

~ Dobby ~

"April 28, 2020 my life changed forever. That's the day I adopted Dobby from Sunshine Chinchillas. My sweet boy has grown to be a snuggle bug and I'm completely in love with him. He loves dandelion treats, sleeping in his hammock, and enjoys playing with my dog, Sophie. Even though Dobby was rescued, he was definitely the one who rescued me. He makes me so happy and makes my home feel complete."

- Vickielly L.

~ Cleopatra ~

"I adopted Cleo in May of 2020 and it's been nothing but love these past two years. She has really come out of her shell and has such the little personality. She loves her snacks and quality time. I'm so happy to have gone through the  adoption process with Sunshine Chinchillas. They are very friendly, informative, and helpful. If I could do it all over again, I would!"

- Melissa M.

~ Thor & Loki ~

"Thor and Loki are doing great! They are super friendly and inquisitive."

- Stacey A.

~ Panchetta ~

"We love Panchetta! We also call him Mr. Man. He loves to be pet and is really good with my kids. Such a sweetheart! I’m really glad he we found him. He is a great addition to our family."

- Lynn Z.

~ Gonzo ~

"Gonzo is the sweetest, calmest boy ever and I am so happy and thankful to have found him. He’s been the best addition to our home. Thank you so much for him!"

- Chloe E.

If at anytime you would like information changed or removed from this page, send us a message!

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